How It Works

The patented SafePod system from SCS creates a chamber comprised of representative samples of fruit inside a larger controlled-atmosphere (CA) storage, allowing the operator to test for the optimal storage regime of the actual produce to be stored — without the potential risk of damaging the entire CA store.

The fruit storage units have high-resolution built-in analyzers and an automatic RQ (respiration quotient) measuring system, all of which tie back to our highly popular and remotely-located SCS6000 controller.

We even offer a variant of the system called LabPod, which adds the ability for the unit to regulate its own O2/CO2 whether or not the surrounding environment is under CA conditions. A smaller miniPod is also available for smaller scale testing operations and applications.

 The Process 

Never before has it been so easy — and more importantly, relaxing — to find the optimal levels for the fruit you’ve grown!

 A Constant Source of Data 

The operator can then repeat the entire process, testing the sample of fruit at 7 or 30-day intervals in search of optimal storage conditions, each time collecting respiration data and finding possible lower levels as the fruit matures.

 The collected data is now easily accessible for customers on the SafePod website customer portal, Your unique username and password will give you access to all of your stores with SafePod units. The data displayed on the website is customizable, with the option to compare your produce store(s) to industry averages by region. The SafePod is truly a value add for any and all CA storage applications.

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